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Kansas State Legislation “Anti-Gay”

With the recent news in Kansas, it has been determined a bill passed by the house, scheduled to pass senate, will effectively give anyone the right to refuse service to people who are gay.  Employers will also have the authority to fire people based upon “religious conflicts” that they have with any employee who is gay.  This bill is without a doubt easily passed in the heavily predominantly republican state.  Some argue Gerrymandering has been occurring, preventing blue counties from remaining such.  That is not based on any court ruling, but one could look at the boundaries, and make assumptions for why such boundary changes were necessary.

If this is indeed passed, this could further solidify Kansas’s position as most Gay-Unfriendly in the nation.  However, this could spark a number of other bilble belt conservative states to follow suit.

This could go many ways, such as the whole disaster in California for those opposed to gay marriage, the ban was repealed in SCOTUS now allowing benefits, and gay marriage accepted on the federal level.  If this is challenged, this could be a modern Jim Crow Laws case, making separate but equal for Gays unconstitutional.  As Midterm elections are quickly brewing in the distance, this could be a major turn off for voters towards the republican party, or this could be their battle cry.

Who knows, this could also spark sit-ins, and a whole new era of protests, and civil unrest.  All things aside, we are changing, no longer existing are the days of ignorance, and denial.  This is quickly taking mainstream by storm, and will certainly be something worth recording in the history books.  Links below-

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